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Interested in getting your creations and textures featured on Awesome! Thanks for visiting and for deciding to add and to share your wallpaper and photo ! If your submission is approved, your texture and background photo will be downloaded by many people all over the world.

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These are the rules that you must follow in order to submit a texture or a background. These rules are here to ensure that photos displays the most quality photos on the net, Not every submission will make it on the site. We will notify you if your texture has been selected to let you know when it will be featured on the site.

Important considerations you should take into account when uploading:

  1. View our Terms of Service agreement.
  2. Upload only your own work, you must own the copyrights to redistribute the texture.
  3. Do not upload any photos you don’t want other to use it.
  4. There should be no water marks or logos on the textures.
  5. We only accept high quality photos and wallpapers.
  6. The files should be in JPEG format.

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I am the copyright owner of the calligraphy photo.This photo is free without any copyrights.